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    Facial Steamer

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    Facial Steamer

    The Facial Steamer is the newest type of steamer that generates nano-ionic steam. Nano ionic steam is made by combining a conventional heating element with a new ultrasonic evaporator, which combines the steam with negatively charged ionic particles.

    ✅ Fast start-up in 18 seconds
    ✅ Large water reservoir, for 12 minutes of use
    ✅ Beautiful design
    ✅ Nano steam, normally only available to professionals
    ✅ UV lamp to sterilize the steam
    ✅ Handy

    NANO steam: Nano steam with ionic water particles is up to 10x more effective in penetrating the skin.
    Nano steam was only available to professionals, but now also easy and affordable with the Glamaer Nano facial steamer.

    UV Lamp: The built-in UV light sterilizes the steam before it reaches your skin. Because of this, the purest steam will effectively sterilize your skin, weaken pigmented spots, kill skin bacteria, and suppress acne.

    Ceramic heating: Due to the ceramic heating, you have steam within 18 seconds. And thanks to the specially designed internal circulation, it is also energy-efficient.

    How to use: When using, you need to fill the device with water, connect it to power and you can use it within 18 seconds. The operating distance is a maximum of 15 cm from your face.